Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

The title is mostly a placeholder, as I haven't really figured out a name for it yet. This project is a wall hanging that consists of semi-large triangular pixels using discrete RGB LED's and PWM to control intensity levels of each LED, resulting in a 4096-color display.

Friday, May 11, 2007

More Center Earth

Center Earth
I went to Axe Man to buy a couple supplies for the wall (50' of wire, a small switch, and something to mount it on) to be used for the Center Earth set project. The small button next to the power switch is a general purpose on/off port on the processor that the code can poll to do whatever I need to use as external input. So I assembled and wired up the 50' wire, so the director can hit it when he wants from afar (e.g. his chair). I then soldered the wire directly to the existing switch, and viola—a tethered remote control for the director.

We brought the wall over to their set stage last night, which was pretty easy because it's only about 6 blocks away from my studio. Today, they're finishing up the set building and doing a rough color test (I think). Tomorrow will hopefully be the first shoot with it, and I'll be on hand in case certain tweaks need to be done or something breaks unexpectedly.



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