Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

The title is mostly a placeholder, as I haven't really figured out a name for it yet. This project is a wall hanging that consists of semi-large triangular pixels using discrete RGB LED's and PWM to control intensity levels of each LED, resulting in a 4096-color display.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yay progress

Yes, after a very long hiatus, I've actually done some work.

Altered Esthetics Sign
On Tuesday, I spent several hours finishing up the dividers, which included the final steps of slotting several of the overlapping pieces and finally gluing everything into place. Things went really well, and now I've got a 3'x3' box with 20 divisions in it!
I would have taken some pictures, but Another Project ended up having me take 2100 pictures over a week and a half period, which um... tested all aspects of the camera. About 2/3 of the way through the shooting, the flash on the camera broke/exploded. It was nothing major; the external glass around the flash was not broken or damaged, but now I have a camera that is minus a flash.
I'll get some, I promise!

Halloween Costume
My building owner/super asked for some help with a friend's kid's costume before this Halloween. He wanted to be a Jin Ro (Wolf Brigade) soldier (& here). The building owner was helping him (a.k.a. doing while he watched) with the actual costume, and he wanted me to help with (a.k.a. do) the eyes. I had them get a few parts for it, and they ended up getting a set of red LEDs that were rated for 10 millicandelas. Well, that simply wouldn't do, so I grabbed 4 of my 8000 millicandela LEDs and used them instead. The end result was something that was incredibly bright, but he could still see out them just fine, as the LEDs were forward-pointing.
When I get some pictures, I'll post them here for everyone.

That's all for now!

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