Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

Jurek and the Amazing Techno, Colored DreamWall

The title is mostly a placeholder, as I haven't really figured out a name for it yet. This project is a wall hanging that consists of semi-large triangular pixels using discrete RGB LED's and PWM to control intensity levels of each LED, resulting in a 4096-color display.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Construction and Parts

Over Memorial Day weekend, I got some decent progress made on the construction. I got one of the long 3" external pieces cut and managed to attach it and two of the shorter pieces to the wall. These pieces are 1/8" marker board, so when two modules are abutted, the common pixel separation will be 1/4", which is what the inter-pixel divisions are in a single module.
I used Liquid Nailz to attach them to the wall, as 1/4" is far too thin to attach anything using nails or screws and I'm not sure how the marker board would hold up to a lot of drilling and pounding. It's holding up well so far, as I've used the Liquid Nailz as basically cement, and I went back in and filled in all the joints with even more.

I also drilled and slotted the remaining 60 holes needed for the LED cables. This went really quick, because I could use the previous 60 holes as a guide.

With all this progress comes even more parts ordering. I ran out of 1/8" heatshrink tubing, so I bought another 60' of that, as well as some caulk, more Liquid Nailz (used above), and some clear Liquid Nailz, in case the clear caulk doesn't work too well in attaching the LEDs to the wall. I also ordered and, today, received 525 more LEDs from SuperBrightLEDs. I ordered 175 of each color, along with the 90 I already have (about 10 were used as "engineering samples"), should leave me with enough to complete the project and a few left over in case I screw something up.

I will need to order some more 2x2 socket headers and some more 4-conductor wire soon as well, as I am quite short on what I need.

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